When Morning Is Breaking
(Pan Gyryd Yr Heulwen)
(The Pass of Llanberis)
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This is an old Welsh air. The English translation is by Walter Maynard.

The original title of this melody was The Pass of Llanberis. Llanberis is within 66 feet of the summit of Snowdon Mountain.

When morning is breaking
O'er mountain and dale,
And sunlight illumines
Our home in the vale.
Fresh, soft balmy breezes,
The lark's thrilling lay,
Are heralds foretelling
The gladness of day.

When ev'ning is closing
On mountain and dale,
And darkness o'er shadows
Our home in the vale.
The field flowers drooping,
As fast fades the light,
Give warning foreboding,
The sadness of night.

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