The Lady of Sker
(Y Ferch O'r Scer)
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Barry Taylor

The composer of this tune was Thomas Evans, a Welsh harper born at Carmarthen, who died in 1819. Sker (from the word ysgair which is an elevated place) was an ancient farm house near the Sker Rocks, Galmorganshire. The harper fell in love with the maid who lived there and wrote this tune for her. I am a young man living in sorrow
'Tis for a lady known for her charms
Too well I love her and every morrow
Ever I pine and long for her arms.
Better it is to show my passion
Than to endure this restless pain
Come bright star, beam kindly on me
Then shall my pure love be near me again.

So does the wild young man implore me
I fear my hand must yet be bound
So many warnings are before me
From married lovers all around.
I'm too young to be tied to another
I must make discretion my guide
When I am ready to take a lover
You shall hear how I decide.
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