(Suo Gan)
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Lesley Nelson-Burns


This is a traditional Welsh tune. It first appeared in print circa 1800. This version is by the folk scholar Robert Bryan.

Sleep, my baby, on my bosom,
Warm and cozy, it will prove,
Round thee mother's arms are folding,
In her heart a mother's love.
There shall no one come to harm thee,
Naught shall ever break thy rest;
Sleep, my darling babe, in quiet,
Sleep on mother's gentle breast.

Sleep serenely, baby, slumber,
Lovely baby, gently sleep;
Tell me wherefore art thou smiling,
Smiling sweetly in thy sleep?
Do the angels smile in heaven
When thy happy smile they see?
Dost thou on them smile while slum'bring
On my bosom peacefully.
Lyrics in Welsh
  • Suo Gan (From Taylor's Traditional Tunebook)
From Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
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