Forth to Battle
Rhwym Wrth Dy Wregys
Rhyvelgyrch Cadpen Morgan

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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This is an old Welsh air. The English words are by George Linley.

According to Williams's History of Wales, "In consequence of taxes levied by command of King Edward I toward defraying the charges of his wars in Gascony, formidable insurrections took place throughout Wales, under several provincial leaders in the year 1294. Morgan, a chieftain of Morgannwg, put himself at the head of the oppressed Cymry in that district, drove out the Earl of Gloucester, and regained possession of the territory of which that nobleman's predecessors had formerly deprived his ancestors. One of the finest of the Welsh martial airs, Rhyvelgyrch Cadpen Morgan was probably composed or selected by this prince to animate the march of his followers."

Morgannwg was also known as Glywyssing, which became Glamorganshire.

Forth to the battle!
Onward the fight,
Swift as the eagle in his flight!
Let not the sunlight o'er our pathway close,
Till we o'erthrow our Saxon foes.
Strong as yonder foaming tide,
Rushing down the mountainside;
Be ye ready, sword and spear,
Pour upon the spoiler near.

Winds! that float o'er us,
Bid the tyrant quail,
Ne'er shall his ruffian bands prevail!
Morning shall view us fetterless and free,
Slaves ne'er shall Cymry's children be.
Heaven our arms with conquest bless,
All our bitter wrongs redress;
Strike the harp! Awake the cry!
Valour's sons fear not to die.

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