Sad Am I, And Sorrow-Laden

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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This is an old Gaelic tune from The Celtic Lyre by Henry Whyte. Whyte was a collector of Gaelic folktunes around the end of the 19th century.. It is from the Hebrides. The Celtic Lyre indicates the tune was written by a "young gael on leaving home." Sad am I, and sorrow laden,
for the maid I love so well
I adore thee dearest maiden
But my thoughts I dare not tell.
Why deny my heart is rending
For the fair one of the lea;
After all my careful tending
She has now forsaken me.

Ben of peaks the clouds that sever
Oft thy steeps have wearied me
Must I leave thy shade forever?
Then farewell, farewell to thee!
Ev'ry corrie, crag and hollow,
Heath'ry brae and flow'ry dell,
Now a waken pangs of sorrow
But my thoughts I dare not tell.

Mountain bold! thy form surpasses
Ev'ry ben that eye can see,
Long may deer frequent thy passes,
Near thee I would ever be.
Sad am I and sorrow laden
For the maid I love so well'
I adore thee, dearest maiden
But my thoughts I dare not tell.
From Seventy Scottish Songs
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