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Songs of Thomas Moore

Custer LaRue

Traditional ballads done in the "old tradition"with limited accompaniment. The result is wonderful music.

Alastair MacDonald

My absolute favorite album of traditional tunes is Gretna to Glen Coe - a great many of the old favorites done simply and effectively. Great rendition of the Skye Boat Song and Glen Coe, with Loch Lommond, Will Ye no Come Back Again, Jock O'Hazeldean and other great songs I PLAN to put on my site!


This was my first introduction to traditional music that wasn't a collection of tunes on old scratched LPs. Their version of Little Drummer and Hewlett are still my favorites, and they are still my favorite traditional band... A worse loss, to my mind, than the Beatles break up! (No e-mail please.. unless you agree of course...) Click on the Planxty link above for a Ceolas page on the band.

Andy Stewart

I first saw Andy Stewart at a Celtic Festival in Oatlands,VA. It was all to brief so I went to see Andy Stewart in Harrisburg a couple of years back. He is a gifted comedian as well as musician. Click on the Andy Steward link above to go to a Rootsworld page about Andy Stewart.

Silly Wizard

Sadly, they broke up many years ago. Members included Johnny and Phil Cunningham and Andy Stewart (in alphabetical order so I don't slight anyone). They are all incredibly talented and were incredibly entertaining. Find a copy of the video of their American tour if you'd like to be entertained. Click on the Silly Wizard link above to go to a Rootsworld page about the band.


Steeleye Span

Maddy Prior has an incredible voice. Buy anything from them!

Tannahill Weavers

Other Collections

Carolan Music

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