Bold Fenian Men
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Alan Faichney

This was written by Peadar Kearney, Brendan Behan's uncle. Written around the time of the 1916 rebellion, it commemorates earlier Irish uprisings.*

The song was featured in John Ford/ John Wayne film Rio Grande (1950).

'Twas down by the glenside,
I met an old woman,
A'plucking young nettles,
Nor thought I was coming;
I listened awhile
To the song she was humming,
"Glory O, glory O,
To the Bold Fenian men!"

'Tis fifty long years
since I saw the moon beaming
And strong manly forms,
Their eyes with hope gleaming
I see them again
Sure, through
all my days dreaming,
"Glory O, glory O,
To the Bold Fenian men!"

When I was a colleen
Their marching and drilling
Awoke by the glenside
Sounds awesome and thrilling
But they loved dear old Ireland
And to die they were willing
"To the Bold Fenian men!"

Some died by the glenside
Some died amid strangers,
And wise man have told us
Their cause was a failure;
But they stood by dear Ireland
And never feared danger,
"Glory O, glory O,
To the Bold Fenian men!"

I passed on my way,
God be praised that I met her,
Be life long or short
I shall never forget her;
We may have great men,
But we'll never have better.
"Glory O, glory O,
To the Bold Fenian men!"
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From Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
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*From The Mudcat Cafe.