Good Morning, Pretty Maid
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

According to William Barrett this song came from Gloucestershire, and it can be traced through one family back to 1750. He also states it may be even older. Good morning, pretty maid,
Where are you going?
To range these fields so fair,
There's no man knowing,
I think too bold you are,
To range these fields so fair,
In danger everywhere,
Thou charming maiden.

A charming maid I am,
Sir, she replied.
Without any guile or care,
To no man tied;
My recreations are, to range
These fields so fair;
To take the pleasant air,
Thou boasting stranger.

A farmer's son I am,
Your nighest neighbor,
Great store of wealth I have,
By honest labour;
So if you will agree,
Soon married we will be,
For I'm in love with thee,
Thou charming maiden.

A farmer's wife must work,
Both late and early,
Like any foreign Turk,
Therefore believe me.
I don't intend to be
A servant bound to thee.
To do thy drudgery,
Thou boasting stranger.

From English Folk-Songs
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