White Wings
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

White Wings was a popular novel written by William Black in the 1880's. In 1912 Banks Winter wrote this song. "White Wings" refers to the sails of a ship.

My affection for the tune is in part because my mother and father - according to family stories - courted to the song. Long after it was initially popular, of course!

Sail! home, as straight as an arrow,
My yacht shoots along on the crest of the sea;
Sail! home, to sweet Maggie Darrow,
In her dear little home
She is waiting for me.

High up! where cliffs they are craggy
There's where, the girl of my heart waits for me
Heigh! ho, I long for you, Maggie
I'll spread out my "White Wings"
And sail home to thee.

Yo! ho, how we go!
Oh! how the winds blow!
"White Wings" they never grow weary,
They carry me cherrily over the sea.
Night comes, I long for my dearie,
I'll spread out my "White Wings"
And sail home to thee.
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From The Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs
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