Old Colony Times
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John Renfro Davis

Old Colony Times, also known as Good Old Colony Days, When We Were Under the King and Jolly Rogues of Linn, originated in the early 1800s. It was popular throughout the nineteenth century. In good old colony times
When we were under the king
Three roguish chaps fell into mishaps
Because they could not sing

Because they could not sing
Because they could not sing
Three roguish chaps
Fell into mishaps
Because they could not sing.

The first he was a miller,
And the second he was a weaver,
And the third he was a tailor,
Three roguish chaps together.


Now the miller he stole corn
The weaver he stole yarn
And the little tailor
stole broadcloth for
To keep these rogues warm


The miller got drown'd in his dam
The weaver got hung in his yarn
And the devlid clapp'd
his claw on the little tailor
With the broadcloth under his arm.

From Best Loved Songs of The American People
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