One Bright Summer Morning
(Cadair Idris)
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Lesley Nelson-Burns


This Welsh tune was composed by John Parry (Bardd Alaw) in 1804. The air is known as Jenny Jones.

One bright summer morning, the sun in its splendour,
Was tinging the summit of Cadair with gold;
The shepherd his flocks on the mountain was tending,
And bringing the wanderers back to the fold.
Thro' our dear native valley a troop of gay soldiers
Came tempting the lads and the lasses from home;
And such stories were told of the glories of fighting,
My sweetheart enlisted, a soldier to roam.

Ah! Sad was the moment he had to leave me,
And vainly I tried to hide from him my tears,
I thought of the dangers he had to encounter,
But dared not at parting to tell him my fears.
He forbid me to sorrow, and tried to console me,
I promis'd to do as he wish'd for his sake.
As I follow'd him far on the way from our valley,
I thought ev'ry step that my poor heart would break.

Long years then passed by without even a word from him,
Often I feared he thought no more of me;
My friends and relations they all jeered and laughed at me,
Saying they well knew he would faithless be.
I heeded them not, but still patiently waited on,
Trusting my sweetheart, all others above,
One bright summer morning with smiles and caresses,
He came back and proved he was true to his love.

From The Songs of Wales
The Royal Edition
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