The Missing Boat
(Yn Nyffryn Clwyd)
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This is an old Welsh air Dyffryn Clwyd (The Vale of Clwyd). The English translation is by Walter Maynard.

The Welsh lyrics speak of Einion Ririd Vlaidd, who was killed during the siege of Diserth Castle in the reign of Henry III. A cross was placed on the spot where he fell, which was afterwards known as Croes Einion. The shaft of that cross is supposed to form part of the stile leading into the churchyard of Diserth.

'Tis now two months or more,
Since a boat left the shore,
Mann'd by a skipper and his men.
It sail'd at night away,
A storm came on next day,
And breaking hearts long
For the boat's return since then.

The skipper's wife goes down
Ev'ry day from the town,
To watch for tidings on the shore;
She strains her aching eyes,
And through her descries,
The phantom of a form
That will come back no more.

The child she lulls to rest
Lulls to rest on her breast,
Asks, when will father come again?
She dares not give reply,
But with a heavy sigh,
And sighing still hopes on,
Although all hope is in vain.

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