Megan's Fair Daughter
(Merch Megan)
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Lesley Nelson-Burns


This is a traditional Welsh tune.

The English translation is by John Oxenford.

I see her in my dreams, she trips to me lightly,
With joy on her lips she whispers my name.
Her eyes look in mine, so fondly so brightly,
I wake and 'tis then no longer the same.
Her glance then is chilly, her step seems to shun me,
The lips that have smiled wear the curl of disdain;
Oh! Megan's fair child my love hath undone me,
But yet in my dreams I'd see thee again.

Oh, Megan's fair child, in sleep thou art with me,
Wherever we walk, you go by my side;
Thou hear'st with delight the words I am saying,
I read thy young heart, I read it with pride.
But ah, when awake if I vow I adore thee,
Thy look ever tells me I woo thee in vain;
I'll trouble thee not, no more plead before thee;
I know in my dreams, thou'lt love me again.

From Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
See Bibliography for full information.