Idle Days in Summer Time
(Bugeilio R Gwenith Gwyn)
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This tune was written by William Hopkin who was known as Will Hopkin the Bard. He was born at Llangynwyd in 1700. He fell in love with Ann Thomas, but his love was not returned. He wrote many songs in her honor. A book about his love, The Maid of Cefn Ydfa was once popular in Wales.

The English lyrics are by Walter Maynard.

Idle days in summertime,
In pleasant sunny weather,
Amid the golden colour'd corn,
Two lovers pass'd together.
There were words they did not speak
To give their thoughts expression;
Each knew the other's heart was full,
But neither made confession.

Winter came, and then, alas!
Came cold and dreary weather;
No more the lovers passed their days
Amid the fields together.
Fate had severed them apart,
And now they're brokenhearted;
Had they been wed in summertime,
They would not now be parted.
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