A Mighty Warrior
Blondel's Song

(Per Alaw New Sweet Richard))
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

Blondel was the bard to Richard I (Lionheart). Legend has it that Blondel was the one who discovered that Richard was imprisoned in Upper Austria and that he may have been the one who rescued him. A mighty warrior from the north
So Moslem records tell,
In all the pride of pw'r went forth,
The infidel to quell.
His lofty crest seem'd to defy,
Aught peril to be night.
As far across the spreading plain,
Loud came his battle cry,
"Strike down the foe, my fellow men,
We fight for God on High!"

Unconquer'd is the valiant sword,
Although aside 'twas laid,
When by the traitors treach'rous word,
The warrior was betray'd.
His noble heart may still defy
Aught peril to be nigh,
For soon there shall resound again,
That sacred battle cry,
"Strike down the foe, my fellow man,
Ye fight for God on High!"
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