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Barry is back online with the
Great Canadian Tunebook and for your convenience his page is now in the menu above!
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  • Over 500 traditional tunes in General Midi format from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and "the Colonies"
  • "Taylor-made" multi-track sequences
  • May be used for web page background music (See the ReadMe file!)
  • Downloadable menus for off-line enjoyment!

  • Please read this
  • As anyone who visited his site regularly knows, Barry Taylor was not able to maintain his site. When Barry asked me if I wanted to take over his site I could not say no. Barry was not only the person who inspired me to learn about midi music, but his site was among the first traditional midi music sites on the web, and his music is incredible. Barry's music has spread throughout the net and I felt it would be shameful for the original to be lost. So I am housing most of Barry's site here.

  • This site will not be updated and there will be absolutely no technical support or answers to questions beyond what you can find on the FAQ or ReadMe pages. These pages are here soley to share the love of traditional music and of Barry's music in particular.

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