Come Owre the Stream
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

The tune is MacLean's Welcome. The words are by James Hogg (1770-1835).

James Hogg, also wrote/adapted the tune or words to

For other Jacobite tunes go to the bottom of The Contemplator's Short History of the Jacobite Uprisings.

Come owre the stream Charlie,
Dear Charlie, brave Charlie,
Come owre the the stream Charlie,
And dine wi' MacLean;
And though you be weary
We'll mak' your heart cheery,
And welcome our Charlie;
And his loyal train.

We'll bring down the track dear
We'll bring down the black steer,
The lamb from the brecken
And doe from the glen.
The salt sea we'll harry,
And bring to oor Charlie,
The cream from the bothy
And curd from the pen.


And you shall drink freely
The dews of Glen Sheerly
That stream in the starlight
When kings dinna ken;
And deep be your meed
O' the wine that is red,
To drink to your sire
And his frien' the MacLean.


If aught will invite you,
Or more will delight you
'Tis ready a troop
Of oor bold Hieland men
Shall range on the heather
Wi' bonnet and feather,
Strong arms and broad claymores,
Three hundred and ten.

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