The Scottish Emigrant's Farewell
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

The words and air were reportedly written by Alexander Hume. Hume was born in Edinburgh in 1811 and died in Glasgow in 1859.* He also wrote the tune for Robert Burn's Afton Water. Fareweel, fareweel, my native home,
Thy lanely glens and heath clad mountains,
Fareweel thy fields o' storied fame,
Thy leafy shaws and sparkling fountains,
Nae mair I'll climb the Pentlands steep,
Nor wander by the Esk's clear river,
I seek a hame far o'er the deep,
My native land, Fareweel, forever.

Thou land wi' love an' freedom crown'd,
In ilk wee cot and lordly dwelling
may many hearted youth be found,
And maids in ev'ry grace excelling;
The land where Bruce and Wallace wight,
For freedom fought in days o' danger,
Ne'er crouch'd to proud usurpin' might,
But foremost stood, wrongs' stern avenger.

Tho' far frae thee, my native shore,
An' toss'd on life's tempestuous ocean,
My heart, aye Scottish to the core,
Shall cling to thee wi' warm devotion,
An' while the waving heather grows,
An' onward rows the winding river,
The toast be 'Scotland's broomy knowes,
Her mountains, rocks, and glens forever!'

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