Nae Mair We'll Meet Again
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This is an old highland melody Robi donna Gorach. Nae mair we'll meet again, my love, by yon burnside
Nae mair we'll wander thro' the grove, by yon burnside,
Ne'er again the mavis' lay will we hail at close of day,
For we ne'er again will stray doun by yon burnside.

Yet mem'ry oft will fondly brood, on yon burnside
O'er haunts which we sae aft hae trod, by yon burnside,
Still the walk wi' me thou'lt share, tho' thy foot can never mair
Bend to earth the gowan fair, doun by yon burnside.

Now far remov'd from ev'ry care, 'boon yon burnside,
Thou bloom'st, my love, an angel fair, 'boon yon burnside,
And, if angels pity know, sure the tear for me will flow;
Who must linger below, doun by yon burnside.
From Seventy Scottish Songs
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