Mairi Bhan Og
(Fair Young Mary)

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Barry Taylor

The melody is from Songs of the Gael, the words are a tanslation by Lachlan MacBean. The tune is said to have been written by the Gaelic Bard Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saor who was from Argyll. My love to my bride with dear caresses,
And pride, shall ever be shown,
Each virtue most rare her sould possesses,
And fair and sweet has she grown.
My thoughts used to rove in boyish folly
Ere ever her love I had known,
But now I'm her own,
my heart is wholly My Darling's alone,

Where woodlands are green with trees well nourished
A scene of beauty to view,
I found with delight one stem that flourish'd,
Of bright and beautiful hue:
That bough from above, desiring greatly
With love unto me I drew;
None else could have mov'd that tree
so stately 'Twas only for that me it grew.
Seventy Scottish Songs
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