The Lass o' Gowrie
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This tune is by Lady Carolina Nairne (1766-1845).

John Ruthven, the 3rd Earl of Gowrie was involved in the Gowrie Conspiracy, an attempt in 1600 to assassinate James VI (which may not have been). Because of the conspiracy the title was abolished, but was revived in 1945. See links below for further information.

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'Twas on a simmer's afternoon,
A wee before the sun gaed down,
My lassie in a braw new goun
Cam o'er the hills to Gowrie.
The rosebud wut wi' morning show'r
Blooms fresh within the sunny bow'r,
But Katie was the fairest flow'r
That ever bloom'd in Gowrie.

I had nae thought to do her wrang,
But round her waist my arms I flang,
And said, my lassie, will ye gang
To see the Carse o' Gowrie?
I'll tak' ye to my father's ha'
In yon green field beside the shaw,
And mak' ye lady o' them a'
The brawest wife in Gowrie.

Saft kisses on her lips I laid,
The blush upon her cheeks son spread,
She whisper'd modestly and said,
I'll gang wi' you to Gowrie.
The auld folk soon gied their consent,
Syne for Mess John they quickly sent,
What tied us to our heart's content,
An now she's Lady Gowrie.
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