Adieu, Dundee
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The melody is from the Skene Manuscript (1680), the words are by Charles Neaves.

For other Jacobite tunes go to the bottom of The Contemplator's Short History of the Jacobite Uprisings.

Adieu, Dundee, from Mary parted,
Here nae mair my lot may be.
Wha can bear when broken hearted,
Scenes that peak o' joys gone by.
A' things ance were sweet and smiling
In the light o' Mary's e'e,
Fairest seemings maist beguiling
Love, adieu! adieu, Dundee.

Like yon water softly gliding,
When the wind are laid to sleep
Such my life, when I confiding
Gave to her my heart to keep.
Like yon water widly rushing
When the northwind stirs the sea,
Such the change my heart now crushing,
Love, adier! adieu, Dundee.
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