Love Me Little, Love Me Long
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

These are the first and last stanzas of a ballad from the time of James I. In Popular Music of the Olden Time (1859), Chappell put the words to the tune Mad Robin. Mad Robin appears in The Dancing Master (1686) and in collections thereafter. Love me little, love me long
Is the burden of my song;
Love that is too hot and strong
Burneth soon to waste.
Still, I would not have thee cold
Nor too backward, nor too bold,
Love that lasteth till 'tis old
Fadeth not in haste.

Winter's cold or summer's heat,
Autumn's tempests on it beat,
It can never know defeat,
Never can rebel:
Such the love that I would gain,
Such love, I tell thee plain,
Thou must give or woo in vain,
So to thee, farewell.
From One Hundred Songs of England
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