Here's Adieu to All Judges and Juries
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This ballad was printed in England on broadsides in the mid 1800s as Farewell to Your Judges and Juries and Farewell to Judges and Juries. Copies of these can be found at the Broadside Ballads Online. This version was collected by W. Percy Merrick. The arrangement is by R. Vaughan Williams.

There is speculation that it originated in music halls.*

Here's adieu to all judges and juries,
Justice and Old Bailey too;
Seven years you've transported my true love,
Seven years he's transported I know.

How hard is the place of confinement
That keeps me from my heart's delight!
Cold irons and chains all bound round me,
And a plank for my pillow at night.

If I'd got the wings of an eagle,
I would lend you my wings for to fly,
I'd fly to the arms of my Polly love,
And in her soft bosom I'd lie.

And if ever I return from the ocean,
Stores of riches I'll bring to my dear;
And it's all for the sake of my Polly love
I will cross the salt seas without fear.

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