Brimbledon Fair
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Lesley Nelson-Burns

This tune is also known as Brocklesby Fair and Young Ramble-Away. The town is variously Brimbledon, Brocklesby, Brimbledown, Burlington and Derry Town. According to Kennedy they are probably all a corruption of Birmingham, which appears in an old broadside. The tune appears in William Baring Gould's 1891 collection.

For a variant in both words and tune see:

As I was riding to Brimbeldon Fair,
I saw pretty Nancy a curling her hair,
I gave her a wink and she roll'd a dark eye,
And said I to myself; I'll be there by and by.

I watch'd and I watch'd, all the night in the dark,
For to ask pretty Nancy to be my sweetheart.
But all that she said, when I saw her next day:
And are you the young rogue they call Ramble away?

I said, "Pretty Nancy, don't laugh in my face,"
But she answer'd by slipping away from the place.
So to find her I rambled thro' fair Lincolnshire,
And I vow'd I would ramble, I did not care where.

Come all you young maidens, where ever you be,
And find pretty Nancy and bring her to me.
And all you young ramblers you mind and take care,
Or else you'll get brimbled at Brimbledon Fair.
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