Turlough O'Carolan

Rough Time Line

The background music on this page is Sheebeg and Sheemore
Sequenced by Barry Taylor

Most of Carolan's tunes are not dated. In his biography of Carolan, Donal O'Sullivan attempted to date many of them. Most of the tunes he gives specific dates for are because they were composed for a wedding or death. This is not comprehensive or conclusive. I plan to add a great deal more.... and change the format when I figure out how best to do this... If you are a Carolan scholar and note any mistakes or have other information, please send corrections.

1670 Carolan's Birth
Between 1670 and 1684 Carolan's infatuation with Bridget Cruise
1684 Carolan's family moves to Roscommon
1688 Carolan blinded by smallpox
Begins to learn harp
1691 Carolan completes apprenticeship
Composes first tune: Sheebeg and Sheemore
Sometime before 1708 Elizabeth Nugent
1708 Lament for Sir Ulick Burke
1713 Lament for Terence MacDonough
Captain John Irwin
Sometime between
Mrs. Cole
1719 Lord Inchiquin
1720 (1721) Miss Fetherston (Carolan's Devotions)
1721 Mrs. Farrell
1723 Denis O'Conor, first Air
1724 Squire Woods Lamentation
John Drury, first Air
Probably before 1729 Thomas Morres Jones
1732 Mrs. Crofton
1733 Carolan's wife dies
Sometime before 1735 Squire Parsons
Dr. John Hart
Sometime toward the end of his career Loftus Jones
George Brabzon, first Air
1738 Carolan's Farewell to Music
Carolan's Death
1747 Carolan's son publishes his works with Dr. Delany

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