Hard is the Fortune
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Mary Tipton

The tune and some of the words of this song are similar to that of some versions of Pretty Saro. The first verse is also found in lyrics to Bachelor's Hall.

The first verse is similar to The Ladies Case, by Henry Carey (c 1730-32):*

How hard is the fortune
of all womenkind,
They're alway controlled,
they're always confined,
Controlled by their parents
until they're made wives,
Then slaves to their husbands
for the rest of their lives.

Hard is the fortune
of all womankind
She's always controlled,
she's always confined.
Controlled by her parents
until she's a wife,
Then a slave to her husband
the rest of her life.

My horses are hungry,
They won't eat your hay;
So goodbye, little darlin'
I'm going away.
Your parents don't like me,
They say I'm too poor;
They say I'm not worthy
To enter your door.

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